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A new spin on bicycle retail...


At Big Mountain, we've taken a slightly different approach towards bicycle retail based on our many years of experience in the bicycle industry.

Our business is built around our workshop with an emphasis on customer service and premium products. And because we don't have a large quantity of bikes on the shop floor we're not heavily reliant on bicycle sales to keep the lights on. So instead of pushing floor stock onto would-be buyers we take the time to get to better know our customers and their needs based on their preferred terrain, riding style and budget. We then discuss the options available to them through our entire range and together we find the mountain bike that best suits these needs.

Once the bike arrives we take the time necessary to assemble the bike correctly. And then upon delivery we run through a bike fit and suspension tune with every customer.

And long after delivery, we make ourselves available to continue to work with our customers on fine tuning their set-up thereby ensuring they gain the maximum benefit and enjoyment from their mountain bike.

In short, we like to establish a partnership with all of our customers and we're available to assist them with support and advise moving forward so that their mountain biking experience is truly a positive and rewarding one.

We pride ourselves on providing our customers with a premium product and level of service to match. If you're in the market for a mountain bike then come and see us and experience the Big Mountain difference for yourself.

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Our staff all ride mountain bikes. And they have the desire, knowledge and expertise to assist you.

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