Terms & Conditions

If booking a tour please ensure you have read and understand the following Terms and Conditions.

Travel and Medical Insurance

Comprehensive Medical Insurance (covering aircraft evacuation) is recommended on all Big Mountain tours. Our tours can take place in wilderness areas where there is often little access to normal medical services or hospital facilities. Where necessary, evacuation can be difficult and expensive. Medical and evacuation expenses will be the responsibility of the participant. Tour participants are therefore encouraged to purchase medical insurance.

The Benefits of Travel Insurance:

1. Can reimburse you up to the full cost of the tour in the event of the unexpected e.g. personal injury, death in your family etc.

2. Can recover expenses if your tour is interrupted, delayed or you miss your connection.

3. Provide flight accident coverage.

4. Protects against loss or damage to baggage and personal effects.

Cancellation by the Participant  

All cancellations must be made in writing and sent by mail, or email to Big Mountain. Cancellation assessments will be calculated on the day we receive your notification. If cancelling the following policy will apply:

· 46-90 days prior to your trip: Cancellation charge of 25% of the total cost of the tour

· 31-45 days prior to your trip: Cancellation charge of 50% of the total cost of the tour

· 0-30 days prior to your trip: Cancellation charge of 100% of the total cost of the tour

Please note: that any payments made to a 3rd party provider on your behalf may not be recoverable and will be subject to the provider's cancellation policies. No refunds will be made for a cancellation during the tour, nor for unused portions of the tour.


Cancellation by Big Mountain

Big Mountain reserves the right to cancel a tour if the minimum number of customers for a tour is not fulfilled. In such a case, refund of payments received by Big Mountain shall be in full. Please note that once tours are scheduled, cancellations by us are extremely rare. Big Mountain cannot assume responsibility for any loss incurred because of non-refundable air tickets. Please contact Big Mountain prior to purchasing your flight to verify that the minimum number of participants for your tour has been achieved.


Each participant is responsible for booking their own flight to the city where the tour begins. Please note that some airlines charge an additional fee for bikes.  Fees can be significant – ensure that you confirm the policy before finalising your booking. For all tours, we will set a meeting place and time at the airport on Day 1 of your tour. If you wish to stay longer, or arrive earlier, please notify Big Mountain so that we can help you to arrange your travel plans.

Health and Fitness Requirements

Participants should be healthy and active. It is vital that persons with medical problems make them known to us well before departure. Hospital facilities for serious problems can be difficult to source and evacuation can be prolonged, difficult and expensive. Big Mountain assumes no liability regarding provision of medical care.

Responsibility of Tour Participants

Tour participants have a certain responsibility to Big Mountain and other tour participants. Tour participants are responsible for; understanding the conditions implied in the Tour Itinerary, selecting a tour that is appropriate to their interests and abilities, preparing for the tour accordingly and having the proper bike and equipment needed for the selected tour. A participant may be asked to leave a tour if the leader feels that the person’s continued participation may prove detrimental to the individual or to the well-being and enjoyment of other participants.